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A New Internet Strategy for Reaching the World!

                                                                                                                                                                      MINIS TR Y THR OUGH MEDIA

      Well, maybe it is not a new strategy, but it’s new for us. Hardly anyone else is doing
      anything like it . . . and it will reach the world! is our website for streaming The HOPE and providing our
      companion Study Guide. By March 2018, we expect to be streaming 70 languages of                                              December 2017
      The HOPE on this website. Hundreds of people from around the world visit this site
      daily. If someone indicates a decision to follow Christ, they can connect to an online                                                                         Reflections from 40 Years with Mars Hill
      missionary with one of our ministry partners. Since its inception, we’ve viewed the                                        Update on the
      Internet as one of the main venues where our ministry happens . . . but no longer!                                                                             4 Things I Have Come to Value in Ministry
                                                                                                                                 Worldwide Ministry
      For much of the world, particularly where most of the unreached people groups live,
      video streaming is just not possible. The Internet pipeline is too slow, or non-existent.                                  of The HOPE . . .                   For 40 years, I have been blessed to serve  to help adults discover the abundant Life
      In these regions, someone wanting The HOPE needs to be able to download it, even                                                                               as the president of the media ministry,  and freedom that is ours in Christ. Now,
      if it takes all night because of slow Internet. And the download file needs to be small                                                                        Mars Hill Productions.  I am truly grateful  through  The  HOPE,  God  has  immersed
      enough to work on a mobile phone. The current data shows that the majority of                                              Reflections from 40 Years  1        to know that, over the years, thousands  us in His global movement to bring
      people in the world now access the Internet on their mobile devices.                                                       with Mars Hill                      upon thousands of people around the  people from every tongue, tribe and

      To meet the need, we’ve invested a lot of time, energy and resource into updating   Tablet screen-shot of our new website for                                  world have come to faith in Christ after  nation to Himself. As a toolmaker, we are
                                                                                                                                                                     viewing a Mars Hill film or video. But  helping ministries worldwide, reach the, our web portal “For All Things Related to Partnering in   delivering The HOPE ... at your fingertips,   Updating The HOPE    2         looking back, even more than what has  unreached!
      The HOPE.” Historically, this was the place where people learned how to partner in   70 translations and counting!                                             been accomplished                                       Each  of these  out-
      creating translations of The HOPE. It is now a part of the main Mars Hill website, and                                                                         in the world, what I                                    workings of our main
      moving forward, it will be our main portal for delivering The HOPE. We even foresee a time when downloads will replace DVDs.   The Power of Partnering   3     value most are the                                      purpose was, and
      Check out the section of this website that shows all The HOPE languages - It is really amazing   in a Digital World                  things God taught                                       is, a distinct mission
      to see what God has done through our partners worldwide.                                                                                                       me    personally  in                                    with its own mission

      Perhaps the most significant aspect of this new development is the way it has returned us to our roots. We’ve always believed   A New Internet Strategy  4     the process. After                                      strategy. These were
      that the highest use of media for ministry is as a tool in the hands of a Christian working to reach another person (or people) for   for Reaching the World   all, I just work in                                     not just “good ideas
      Christ. Until now, we’ve viewed the Internet as one of our primary venues for ministry. We now view it more as our primary                                     the vineyard. God                                       and plans.” They
      means for delivering The HOPE to those doing the ministry. Our goal is to provide The HOPE to the “boots-on-the-ground”    The Help Reach Them      4          brings the fruit! But                                   were  the  result of
      Christian workers around the world whenever, wherever and however they need it!                                                                                the lessons He has etched into my being  an intense process of seeking God for
                                                                                                                                 Campaign                            while in the vineyard, those will stay with  the next thing He would have us do to
                                                           Quotes                                                                                                    me for eternity! As I reflect on what I  work out our main purpose; our calling as
       “The HOPE” is a real gift to the UPGs abroad   “The HOPE is a great overview of the big   “... a perfect partnership for our ministry ...                     have learned over these years, there are  toolmakers. Often, the “next thing” was
       and around the block. Neo pagan America needs   picture of the Bible and the story of the Gospel”    The HOPE is designed intelligently to be more            4 things I have come to value in ministry.  confirmed as God surrounded us with
       a primer in biblical literacy ... We appreciate your   - Phil Thompson, Online Learning Coordinator,   accessible than a lot of Christian media.”                                                   ministry partners; people who needed the
       awesome work. - David B., SaturateNYC  The Gospel Coalition                  - Ethan H., Medical Missionary to W. Africa  For more stories & updates          Purpose – Webster defines purpose as   tool we were creating, or had created, in
                                                                                                                                 regarding The HOPE, visit           the reason for which something is done or   order to help fulfill their mission.
       The Help Reach Them Campaign                                                                                    ,             created or for which it exists. All Christians

                                                                                                                                                                     have one common purpose; to glorify God!  When  your  specific  God-given  purpose
                                                                                                                                 & follow us on social media...
       God desires to populate heaven with people from every tongue, tribe                                                                                           But the way that purpose is worked out in  is clearly understood, your values will be
                                                                                                                                                                     the lives of individual Christians is often  well-defined. When your values are well-
       and nation. But so many are still unreached! In fact missiologists tell us                                                       Our weekly staff devotionals    very different. So it is with ministries.  defined, the decisions you make along
       that, of the world’s approximately 16,500 “ethne” (the Biblical word for                                                                                      There are many ministries (both Church-  the way will be consistent with your God-
       nations), around 7,000 have yet to be reached with the Gospel!                                                                   The HOPE community           based and para-Church) called of God to  given  purpose.  When  you  lose  sight  of
       The HOPE was designed to overcome 4 obstacles to reaching unreached                                                              TheHOPEforAll                share the Gospel so people might come  that purpose, you are at risk of inventing
       people groups (nations) with the Gospel. Recently, we created a 3.5 min.                                                         All our videos               to faith and life-change in Christ. Mars Hill  one on your own.

       video explaining how and why. Never before have we stopped our work                                                      was raised up to create media tools that   People  –  Some  might  say  it  is  a  “no-
       on The HOPE to create a media piece about The HOPE. But it was time!  Please share our new video about The HOPE,                 productions                  help those ministries fulfill that calling.  brainer;” the quality and success of an
                                                                           and the need to reach the nations with the Gospel!           Insightful posts
       God, through His people, is using The HOPE to reach the nations. But with                                                  It is important for those who work in a  organization is a function of the quality
       some help, we could do so much more! This video is part of a larger, Help Reach Them, campaign. To seize the opportunities       mars-hill-productions        ministry to know what God has raised up  and success of its people. But the
       before us, we are in need of key personnel, donors, intercessors, community networkers, social media advocates, ministry         Timely updates               that ministry to do. It is just as important  Church, the Body of Christ, is more than
       partners and more! Please visit our “Get Involved” page at to watch our new video and learn        to know what it should not be doing.  just an organization, it is an organism. As
       about all the ways you could get involved to reach the nations! And please, feel free to share this video with as many people    forAll                       Mars  Hill  is  a  toolmaking  ministry.  We  a ministry raised up by God to serve the
       as possible. That is one way you can Help Reach Them!                                                                            Images worth 1000 words      make media tools for workers. That is our  Church, Mars Hill is part of that organism.
                                                                                                                                 purpose. It has been worked out in unique  And those who make up the various
                                                                                                                                        thehopeforall/               ways at different times.              communities that define Mars Hill (the
                                 The HOPE is a project of  Mars  Hill, a non-profit ministry dedicated to ministry through media.                                                                          staff, board, donors, intercessors, ministry
                                          For 40 years, award-winning Mars  Hill films and videos have been used                                                     In the early days, Mars Hill was focused   partners, etc.) are much more than just a
                                            around the world to introduce thousands of  people to Jesus Christ.                   Member of the                      on creating media tools for youth ministry;   means to get a job done.
                               The Mars Hill website -                              The HOPE Partnering Portal -  Evangelical   evangelism, discipleship and mobilization.
                                                                                                                                  Council for
                               Email us at  The HOPE Ministry website -                                                At one point, we diverted from that track  God did not create us because He needs
             The Story of God’s                                                                                                   Financial
            Promise for All People              4711 Lexington Blvd., Missouri City, Texas, 77459   I   (281) 403 - 1463          Accountability                     to create a tool (a video driven curriculum)  us to get a job done for Him. He can do

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